Monday, March 24, 2008

The Name of This Site

I thought about this for a while. I wanted to come up with something smart and catchy like The Simple Dollar or Get Rich Slowly. Obviously, those were taken so I started to think about why I was doing this in the first place. It seemed that before I was tracking where my money went and started an actual budget that my money was for someone else. I would work and work only to pay someone else. Finally, I got fed up with that and took control of my money. I took a look at some credit card bills and loans that I had and decided to pay them off immediately instead of continuing to pay the finance charges on them. I transferred another credit card bill with a larger balance and a high interest rate to a 0% for 12 months card and I plan on paying it off in 11 months. I opened an online savings account and ING; this was the beginning of my emergency fund. This was a very important step as you can read about in my last post. I am just now starting to look at sources of alternate incomes. This blog could eventually become just that, although I am not counting on it. I have changed about 80% of the light bulbs in my house over to CFL’s, (compact fluorescents). My last electric bill was the lowest of the last 12 months, even though it was during the coldest time of the year here in Michigan and the furnace was running a lot. I have taken these steps because I know that “Now My Money Is Mine”. Soon, when the rest of the bills are paid and there is only the mortgage to consider, I will have full control of my money. Anyone can do this, but you have to make an effort to get started. Read this entry at Get Rich Slowly, it got me pumped up again nearly 3 months after I started taking control and I am now going to try finding more sources of alternative income. I have sold on Ebay and Amazon in the past and I think I can find some things lying around the house to sell. Whatever I decide to do, it will help my in my quest for financial freedom because Now My Money Is Mine.

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