Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Alternative Incomes

There are some very interesting discussions out there on this topic. Most of them deal with the same 7 or 8 key items. See 8 Ways To Earn Passive Income Online, or My Sources Of Alternative Income And How I Make Them Work For Me. The key is to find a few of these items that work for you. How do you do this? What are you passionate about? It could be blogging, or creating videos. What ever it is, if you are good at it, you can make money doing it. Check out Moolanomy’s 40 Alternative Income ideas, or The Simple Dollar’s Seven Ways To Help Your Blogging Friends, if blogging turns out to be your thing. Whatever your ”thing” is, try it. You just might make some extra cash doing it. There are plenty of other resources on the internet. Search “Passive Income” on Google and you will get more than 2 million hits. Try a few. Try 20. Whatever it takes to get you where you want to be financially, you have to take the first step. This blog is my first step, with this being only my 4th post. I am not sure what will happen with this. I might make some extra money with the ads or I might fail miserably and will have wasted my time doing so. Either way, I tried. And if the latter happens, I will try something else as I am determined to set myself on the road to financial freedom. As you might have read in previous posts, I am working hard to eliminate my outstanding debt and work on building a nest egg for retirement. This consists of doing a lot of things at once and finding some alternative sources of income is a very important one to me and it should be for you also.

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